A gender-reveal party, where expectant parents think of increasingly absurd and extravagant —flammable— ways to tell their family and friends the sex of their new baby is harmful and dangerous, especially during a heat wave.

So think twice about that explosive reveal.

The El Dorado fire has so far forced 20,000 people to evacuate and it’s only 7 percent contained.

It started during a gender reveal photo shoot, when a couple set off a pyrotechnic device meant to produce colored smoke — pink or blue.

In a dry, grassy field during triple-digit heat, the blaze spread quickly.

The soon-to-be parents and other party-goers at the party are being held responsible for the fire burning near Cherry Valley.

Although there have not been any charges yet, there will be financial or criminal repercussions, which should make most soon-to-be parents think twice about exploding or shooting out pink or blue into the sky.

El Dorado isn’t the first wildfire to have been sparked by a gender-reveal stunt. In 2017, a similarly explosive gender reveal in Arizona set off a 47,000-acre fire that caused more than $8 million in damage.

In 2018, another pyrotechnic gender stunt set off a car fire in Australia.

And in 2019, a woman in Iowa was killed by a gender reveal pipe bomb.

This dangerous one-up mentality has gotten out of hand.

Stop using flammable gimmicks to reveal the sex of your baby. You could be on the line financially for starting a fire due to negligence; or be criminally responsible.


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