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Items of interest to me. I then watch the meeting to see how the issue is resolved. I also don’t appreciate a councilmember taking pots shots at a citizen from the podium.

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It seems like every two years or so, the city of Banning finds itself looking for a city manager. If you are seeking a steady, lengthy career, except in rare occasions, do not become a city manager. All it takes is one changed vote on the council and you’re out.

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The Banning city council has a policy when it comes to public comments: They will receive comments, not answer at that time but get back to the public. When does that actually happen? Since it would be a question regarding resident or commercial rates, it would make sense, at the very least …

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I recently spent two weeks in the hospital and rehab. It enabled me to get better. It also gave me the opportunity to think about hospitals, doctors and healthcare in general. My conclusions were chilling. Healthcare as an industry doesn’t fare better than banking or oil drilling. In the end…

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(Note: I served as a trustee on the Banning Library District until the November 2016 election. I did not run again for the seat).

I’ve just returned from a two week stay in the hospital and rehab. Defective and replacement body parts were at war.

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The Greater San Gorgonio Chamber of Commerce comes to mind. Maybe it’s time to band together and make it work. It will be located from Cabazon to Calimesa.

A headline in a recent Press Enterprise read, “Median weekly pay was $775 in 2015 with $914 for men.” “Out $7,000: California pay gap for women grows.”

I’ve been an active recycler for many years. In the early 1980s, we had a group called Solana Recyclers. I called it recycling by limo. All one had to do was source separate. In those days, it was newspapers, aluminum cans and glass.

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I dislike rats; the animal kind and those humans who fit the bill. They are pests, vermin and destructive. A friend of mine had to tear down half the walls in her house because the rats had caused such destruction. They even ate through wires in my car. I see no social redeeming qualities fo…

The television show Shark Tank is one of my favorites on the air. It is a true and useful reality show. There’s no need to mention Kim Kardashian or any of her body parts. There are 6 business billionaires being pitched ideas from people who want funding, equity exchange, licensing agreement…

Just when you decide to put off making a phone call to an old friend; by the time you get to it, they have passed.

I want to extend my appreciation to Banning councilman Don Peterson for his well researched, well thought out report about how marijuana disposition and sales will be handled in Banning. The last election saw the passage of Proposition 64 legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. He made…

I had the opportunity to sit down with Banning city manager Michael Rock last week. I asked questions and he responded with open, honest responses. Rock has just passed his first year as city manager in Banning.

I think too many of us, me included, have become victims of progress. “Social media” could now be called (anti)social compulsion. What would you do if you lost all of the information in your phone?

I’ve lived in Banning (Sun Lakes) for over fourteen years and I am sick and tired of the abuse that gets thrown at this community. It needs to stop!

If I went to a studio to pitch a script about what we have been living through for the past 18 months with campaign solicitations, I would be politely shown out the door because my “story” lacked credibility! This is a test: Does anyone know what Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission is?

We’ve all lost people we love: parents, mates, siblings and good friends. Then there is that time that comes along when you have to make a decision about your furry companion. Frisbee was a rescue dog I had adopted. In his prime, he was quite a character! Part Chihuahua, Jack Russell terrier…

No matter who wins this year’s presidency, they will have a place in history as the most disliked, distrusted candidates —- ever. What a choice we have.

It is difficult for me to believe that the Boys and Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass is about to celebrate its 10th year in operation. Congratulations! (www.bgcsgpass.com)

While we have been assaulted for the past 18 months with national politics, the filing period has closed for local elections. I wish I would think that this wouldn’t happen but do expect a plethora of negative campaign material.

Bill and I were married in 1972. The night before our wedding, he had become unusually serious when he said I had to make him a promise. I thought he was getting cold feet!

This is the period I call a small breather between the primaries and the general election in November. We go “sign less” — at least for a while.

It’s encouraging to talk to people around the area who are starting to think about regional planning. That is something I have supported for years. Even when we started working towards Solana Beach’s incorporation in the early 1980s (incorporated in 1986). A reason a city incorporates is usu…

As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, I am left to ask should the City of Banning be further fragmented into voting districts? I say NO. There are better ways of engaging the community into a productive city versus a further fragmented mishmash of a city.

It still irks me that the patient seems to be the last one to know his/her medical diagnosis. Billions of batteries of tests are taken regularly. Are they necessary? Do they provide responses to your ailment? If you get a fortunate diagnosis, run to the casino because you already have the wi…

If the seven Beaumont public officials are found guilty of what they are accused of – embezzlement, conflict of interest and misappropriation of public funds, I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Former Police Chief Frank Coe was only accused of taking an interest fre…

An interesting definition of obsolescence: “is the state of being which occurs when an object, service, or practice is no longer wanted even though it may still be in good working order.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsolescence). Ouch! What happens if this same tenet becomes the criteria…

Back in the day, much of the people’s business was handled behind closed doors. Some legislative decisions were made over alcohol and the stench of cigars. Rarely were the people the focus of legislature’s attention.

On March 22, 2016, Frank Burgess, Banning businessman, stood at the lectern at a Banning City Council meeting informing the city that they are in violation of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) and the city should immediately be broken into districts.

There are elected and/or appointed officials that actually study the policies they are governed by. Others weigh the odds of having the motion passed by a 3-2. It is a hellish way to conduct business.

With all respect due Charles Dickens, I have heisted his title for this column. I recently returned to Solana Beach (our home for ten years). Usually I am happy to go there to see old friends and stare at the ocean. This trip was much different and much sadder. It was the memorial service fo…

Back in the day, if you held public office, you were usually respected by the people you represented; particularly on a local level. Small towns give one the opportunity to meet constituents in the bank, the grocery store, the movies, or at public meetings.

Way back in 2016, Banning and Beaumont barely worked together on anything, let alone merge.

Late speaker of the House of Representatives Tip O’Neill made good use of the phrase, “all politics is local.” That may be true but at this writing, without an official candidate in site; millions of dollars has already been spent in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire to bring us a Democra…

I heard the beep on my phone indicating a text message had just arrived. It said, “I’m following the ambulance with mom in it to the hospital.” While there was no request to do anything, I decided I would just have to go to the E.R. to find out for myself. Things were not good.

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Other than inheriting a fortune, owning a profitable business or working on Wall Street, there are very few fool proof jobs. A rise to the top can be filled with pot holes or, if you challenge the wrong person, your descent could be rapid and final.

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What a great way to launch 2016! Banning has a new city manager and his name is Michael Rock. I hope that he is so successful that he actually remains in Banning until the end of his contract.

Merry Christmas to all! This is the culmination of weeks of shopping; in stores and on the Internet. Everything is wrapped and under the tree. The excitement grew until the moment when the parents said, “let the present opening begin.” It’s a nice thought and I hope everybody gets something,…

George and Martha Smith paced anxious as they awaited their kids and grandkids to arrive. For once the weather report had underestimated itself; as the snow seemed to be piling up in feet rather than inches. Fortunately George and Martha were always prepared for the worst and kept the larder…

The holidays make me sad. I miss my husband more and realize I am very short on family. Fortunately for me, friends fill this void.

I attended the recent Banning State of the City address last week. Nothing new to report.

While I am not Catholic, I have watched the amazing Pope Francis on television during his recent visit. Each city he visited brought hundreds of thousands of people to try to get a glimpse of him, let alone be blessed enough to be touched by his Holiness. His message was unifying and because…

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Last Friday, September 11, many of us stood on the San Gorgonio Bridge waving our flags that could be viewed by the vehicles that passed below. A steady stream of honking acknowledged our presence, but more so, acknowledged our American flag on the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack e…

I have long been a fan of Boys and Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass. I am also a supporter of the Banning Police Activities League in Banning (BPAL). Both clubs offer a stable, safe, nurturing environment to youngsters; some of whom might otherwise be considered throw-a-ways.

Growing up in New York taught me that everything costs money. I’m not talking about the price of housing and living in general; I’m talking about the cost of transportation.

In the real world, be it business, or government, processes are put in place for all to follow. In government, at the conclusion of the process, an item is voted on with a resolution being issued. It should be simple, as it oft times is.

The July 17, 2015 edition of the Press Enterprise headline was, “Banning’s water system on mayor’s mind.” As well it should be. The same article had her saying that no additional rate hikes are planned for at least another four years. We all know how “read my lips, no new taxes,” worked out …