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All to often I have read or heard negative comments about San Gorgonio Hospital or its medical staff; in recent years I have had urgent need for immediate hospital services as has had my wife particularly in the Intensive Care Unit.

There is a recent proposal to place a 660,000 square foot Distribution Center immediately across the street from Sun Lakes and next to a care facility that tends to the needs of medically compromised senior citizens.

As a response to Pat Brown’s defense of the hospitals attempts to continue our current taxed rates of support for the Emergency Department at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital I would like to simply ask this, "Can any member of our hospital's ED medical or administrative staff site the study/ex…

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I see a letter to the editor from J. Smith, not knowing for sure who that is, I still feel I need to respond to his remarks regarding the ware distribution center.

Citizens of both Banning and Beaumont are facing a threat from a proposed project that has the potential for creating a host of problems that could impact their health, safety, air quality, and property values.

When I first heard about the pass area warehouses, I thought someone was joking. — some joke. I couldn't believe what I was hearing was proposed and actually seriously considered by our government leaders.

As a resident, taxpayer and property owner in Banning, and an employee of San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital for over 30 years, I feel an obligation to respond to a letter to the editor about Measure H that appeared in last week’s paper.

San Gorgonio Hospital wants more monies on your tax bill. 20 years ago they added 40 million dollars on the tax bill from a measure that passed.

For those who have not heard, the city of Banning has been working with a developer and has proposed a 600,000+ square foot warehouse directly north of us, at the Sun Lakes Main Gate.

Recently the residents of Sun Lakes came out in strong opposition against Phoenix-based Creation Equity and McRae Group’s Banning Point project proposed on the 47 acres behind Albertson’s on Highland Springs Avenue. All this after giving the developer a standing ovation in a standing room on…

The extension of Sun Lakes Boulevard to Sunset Avenue is long overdue and a vital life saving move allowing a more rapid access to the community. Claiming that the extension will be harmful to senior citizens is simply not true; it might bother those living close to the extension but the ove…

Let’s talk about a world filled with warehouses and the people elected or appointed that have the responsibility to protect the public from outrageous attempts to profit from bad planning.

When I saw the article in the Record Gazette about the CRIA program, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. What a wonderful, glowing article.

Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco has acknowledged a tie to the militant group known as The Oath Keepers, mitigating his position by defending the group as a pro-Constitution, pro-freedom organization mislabeled by the FBI and mainstream media.

For at least the third time in the past 25 years, the city of Banning is once again trying to take the area west of Highland Springs Avenue, which is serviced by the Beaumont Unified School District, into its own school district.

I see the mural at Alessandro and Ramsey on my way to work. I was hoping that the murals would be more artistic and be representations of Banning as a whole, instead of just a tiny segment of the community — something more artistic than different colored stripes, like a beautiful butterfly c…

I understand your need to justify a belief that the United States is a Christian construct. And so you cherry pick and edit the words of the founding fathers. First and foremost, Thomas Jefferson was neither prophet nor saint. He was a Deist; " a movement or system of thought advocating natu…

Having just read R. S. Bibbo's letter about Biden's "Puppet Master," my first thought was "does (s)he not realize that all Presidents have advisors?"

Everyone who lives in the San Gorgonio Pass knows that we have a homeless problem in Banning and Beaumont. I travel all over California and see the same homeless problems in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as cities like Redlands. What is different about Banning is that we ha…

How often have we heard people say, “This is a Democracy. We can do what we want!”? The American Nation was never designed as a Democracy, so we are far beyond the point that we ought to be calling it by that name. If not a Democracy, then what? Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional …

When I first suggested that there was a Puppet Master directing Biden's actions, the local liberals not only scoffed at the idea but went on to say that he was perfectly sound of mind and "his own man". Really?

Welcome to this recap of past, present and future events of this exciting new group! Our mission is to assist in the short-term and long-term needs of the low income and homeless population in the Banning and Beaumont area.

Our dog recently became very sick very fast, and the Beaumont Animal Hospital was the only one in the Pass that could see her in a matter of days, not weeks. Turns out we had to put her down, and the staff there and the vet, Dr. Singleton, made a very rough decision quite easy.They were cari…

Recently, I was asked why Banning needs to help the unsheltered individuals (the homeless) in our community. Lately there have been a lot of negative comments about reconstructing Ramsey Village.

I would like to thank the Morongo Council for donating $1,900 to sponsor me to march with the Gold Drum & Bugle Corps. I was able to experience being in an open class corps for Drum Corps International because of their sponsorship.