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I understand your need to justify a belief that the United States is a Christian construct. And so you cherry pick and edit the words of the founding fathers. First and foremost, Thomas Jefferson was neither prophet nor saint. He was a Deist; " a movement or system of thought advocating natu…

Everyone who lives in the San Gorgonio Pass knows that we have a homeless problem in Banning and Beaumont. I travel all over California and see the same homeless problems in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as cities like Redlands. What is different about Banning is that we ha…

When I first suggested that there was a Puppet Master directing Biden's actions, the local liberals not only scoffed at the idea but went on to say that he was perfectly sound of mind and "his own man". Really?

How often have we heard people say, “This is a Democracy. We can do what we want!”? The American Nation was never designed as a Democracy, so we are far beyond the point that we ought to be calling it by that name. If not a Democracy, then what? Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional …

Welcome to this recap of past, present and future events of this exciting new group! Our mission is to assist in the short-term and long-term needs of the low income and homeless population in the Banning and Beaumont area.

Our dog recently became very sick very fast, and the Beaumont Animal Hospital was the only one in the Pass that could see her in a matter of days, not weeks. Turns out we had to put her down, and the staff there and the vet, Dr. Singleton, made a very rough decision quite easy.They were cari…

Recently, I was asked why Banning needs to help the unsheltered individuals (the homeless) in our community. Lately there have been a lot of negative comments about reconstructing Ramsey Village.

I would like to thank the Morongo Council for donating $1,900 to sponsor me to march with the Gold Drum & Bugle Corps. I was able to experience being in an open class corps for Drum Corps International because of their sponsorship.

In his recent letter, R.S. Bibbo complained that President Biden's actions have "insulted the flag."

I am writng in response ro the "Puppetmaster..." letters going back and forth.

On March 18t, Gary Campanella ridiculed my contribution questioning the existence of a Puppet Master controlling President Biden's actions since they were so far to the left.

I always have mixed feelings whenever have to go to DMV.

Championed by former mayor George Moyer, Banning’s city manager Doug Schulze got his city council to finally discuss the rarely acknowledged Ring of Honor, of which some citizens at the May 25 council meeting were oblivious as to its existence in the middle of their downtown.

As Mayor of Banning, I am concerned about clean energy and climate change. I applaud the vision of converting clean energy goals into tangible results in our state and throughout the country.

Last week, R.S. Bibbo wrote a rambling and incredulous letter about President Biden and Democrats. With conspiratorial intent, he declared that a "Puppet Master" exists within the Democratic Party.

As time marches on, many Californians may recall being stunned by the governor’s stay-at-home executive order that was signed and effective on March 19, 2020. Thereafter, interim breathers relaxed the stay-at-home order, which ended on January 25, 2021 subject to COVID-19 public health and s…

Biden has been in office for almost two months and he has not yet held a Press Conference; not only that, he has yet to give a State of the Union Address and it is beginning to look like he may never give one. Last week while on television Biden surprised The Puppet Master and asked for ques…

Online enticement. It is when someone purposely communicates with someone believed to be a child via the internet with the intent to commit a sexual offense like sextortion (blackmail over a naked image), sexual exploitation including child porn, or abduction possibly leading to sex traffick…

I had a wonderful morning until I took off the Western Knolls Avenue exit unexpectedly. I hit the Cal Trans sign and my front car bumper was completely damaged. There was debris all over.

I did not want any more time to pass without saying goodbye to Jim Lester; and more than goodbye, I want to say thank you.

Last week, R.S. Bibbo wrote that it was only "socialist propaganda" that President Trump incited the Capitol riot.

Hope, health, and stress free are our focus in this New Year, 2021. We are hoping for a better and prosperous year, for staying healthy and Covid-19 free with the help of the vaccine, and to be stress free as far as technology issues and distance learning.

On Sept. 9, 2016 Hillary Clinton gave a speech at a fundraiser in witch she compared half of Trumps followers as "basket of deplorables". And proof of her statement was not long in coming.

Why does Biden think that removing restrictions on immigration, rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, extending prevention of evictions while thousands of small landlords are losing their property, and attempting to remove the historic accomplishments of President Trump will unite our country?

It didn't take long for Gary Campanella to leap forward to embrace the Socialist's propoganda line that President Trump incited the Capitol riot; Campanella rarely comes forward with a thought of his own - invariably he recites the left wing anti-American position. The truth is that Trump, o…

History has shown that when dictators, despots, or tyrants come to power, their first order of business has been to eliminate all persons and ideas of opposition to their ruling class.

My friend, I enjoy the reads from Jim Bailey's past columns (12 - 25, & 1 - 1) but I also believe in History repeating itself and most importantly, learning from it.

Now we know how much time of constant, persistent harassment, criticism, hysterical name calling, undermining, personal hatred spewing, belittling of accomplishments, etc., it takes to break a really strong man.