Saving Energy is as Easy as ABC

(BPT) - Back-to-school season can be a busy time for families with new schedules, dance practice and sporting events. As we head back to school, it’s important to remember the positive impact you can make on the environment by learning to use energy better.

Energy Upgrade California, the statewide initiative inspiring residents to use energy better to keep California golden, recommends studying the ABC’s of saving energy:

A – Actions Speak Louder than Words. Let your kids see you actively saving energy and doing your part. This can mean things as simple as shutting off the light when you leave a room, or switching to LED light bulbs in your home.

B - Breakfast of Champions. Remember to unplug your toaster, coffeemaker, blender and other kitchen appliances after breakfast — they still use energy when they are plugged in!

C – Cold Cycle for the Wash. Did you know that heating water creates up to 25% of your energy use? Instead, try washing your clothes in cold water to get just as clean. For even more energy savings, always wash a full load to maximize your usage.

D – Dim Your Display. When you lower the brightness on your TV and other devices like computers and phones, you can decrease your energy usage by 20%!

E - Turn to Eco Mode. Your home doesn’t need to be at the perfect temperature when you’re not there. By using a smart thermostat with an eco mode, you can save energy no matter where you may be.

F - Flip the Switch. An average household dedicates about 5% of its energy budget to lighting. Don’t forget to turn off all the lights as you are heading out the door.

When it comes to saving energy, it all adds up. To learn more, visit


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