Nancy DeForge

Our family moved to Beaumont in 1958.

There were only “four DeForge kids” then.

By 1963 there were “seven DeForge kids,” and remained so until July 20, 2020 when our sister Nan passed away.

Nan was the first one of us born in California and was number five in the birth order.

She was always the most “Finn-looking” of the seven of us.

She had an affinity for the elderly and spent much of her childhood with an old Finnish couple, even taking care of them when they were sick.

Eventually she named her daughter after the woman.

Nan attended Beaumont schools from kindergarten through high school and graduated in 1977 from Beaumont high school.

In high school, she played softball, basketball and tennis.

She excelled in tennis; she had a wicked two-handed backhand and a powerful forehand.

In softball, Nan played catcher and was a hard-hitting, dead pull hitter, sending rocket line drives down the third base line.

Nan was a military wife {Marines} for many years and, as such, helped and encouraged young, new military wives adjust.

She often had young Marines in her home for the holidays and was a pack up, clean, and mover extraordinaire when moving on to other postings.

Nan achieved a lifelong dream a few years ago by attending the Culinary Institute in San Bernardino, graduating with a degree and becoming a chef.

She was a virtual walking encyclopedia of household hints and possessed a flair for interior decoration.

She also had a talent for elaborate Christmas yard decorations.

Nan is survived by her son Johnny (Natalie) Cheevers; granddaughter Vera Cheevers; grandson John Cheevers; daughter Tynne Cheevers; our mother Ruth DeForge; sisters Debbie Phifer and Cindy Felton; brothers Jeff (Debbie), Scott (Valerie), Brian (Gail) and Greg DeForge; many nieces and nephews; and a great- nephew and a great-niece.

She was preceded in death by our father Joseph E.E. “Duke” DeForge.

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