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Barbara (Bobbie) Freeman passed away peacefully in Redondo Beach April 2, 2021, with family present.

She had been in declining health for some time, took it in stride, and was strong to the end.

Bobbie was born Dec. 13, 1930.

Bobbie was an active resident of Sun Lakes for many years, involved in Lady 9ers golf, other sports, volunteer work, and many community activities. As a nurse, she worked part-time and later volunteered at San Gorgonio Hospital.

About 18 years ago, she started Bosom Buddies with other breast cancer survivors which was the beginning of a support group for those who had or were about to go through breast cancer surgery or treatment. That organization is now part of San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital and has helped thousands of women.

In addition, Bobbie was a volunteer at several Relays for Life. Ever a seeker of fun she participated in many groups whether through cards, fundraisers, or general merrymaking. She also was able to don a volunteer police uniform during her life in Sun Lakes — without the night stick — adding to her list of community involvement to benefit others.

She is survived by her sons Daniel and David, daughter-in-law Linda, grandchildren Joel and Mike, as well as other extended family members and loved friends.

We thank all of you who befriended her throughout the years; she loved living in Sun Lakes.

Funeral services will be private and take place in Redondo Beach.

In lieu of flowers please make donations to the breast cancer foundation of your choice.

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