Students utilize an array of educational websites to improve their math skills whe learning.

Students utilize an array of educational websites to improve their math skills, explore new adventures in reading and have fun while learning.

What is a parent or grandparent to do while their child or children are sequestered at home now that most if not all schools are closed?

Take to the Internet and utilize some of the intriguing websites that make reading, writing and mathematics fun and interesting. is a website that engages the student in learning new vocabulary.

It is a great tool to improve vocabulary skills at all grade levels.

Children can form a group to compete.

The competition is called a jam.

It is a fast-paced contest where students must define a word.

The game allows the players to see who is on the leader board at any given time.

Choose the free option when using the program.

As students matriculate to the next grade, it will be essential for them to become proficient at typing. is a website were students can improve their typing skills.

Students are able to focus on a skill or a timed writing.

Badges are earned when the student achieves success.

I encourage my students to try and master 35 wpm minimum.

Some have already achieved 60 wpm with five errors in a three-minute timed setting.

Students will use this skill at school, in college, during their leisure time and at work. offers an array of online tools to improve your child’s academic potential. The standards-based lessons are aligned with the state standards.

In my experience, I have seen some students improve two to the three grade levels in one year using this program. is another resource to stimulate your child’s interest in reading while exploring new adventures.

Students can access stories written in six languages.

The stories can be streamed on your laptop, tablet or electronic device.

Here a handful of other websites for you to review.

Look around and choose the sites that suit your child’s needs.,,,,, and

These resources can be used now during the extended school break and when school resumes.

It is important to have fun when learning.

These websites offer that experience for your student.


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