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Alex Vega playing defense for the Eagles setting up to defend the end zone against the Newport Christian School Seahawks.

Mountain Avenue Baptist Church, home of the Calvary Christian School Eagles, hosted a rare Friday night football game, complete with portable lights to light the field.

It was Calvary Christian School’s homecoming flag football game against Newport Christian School Seahawks.

The night was abuzz with excitement for Friday’s game starting with a tailgate party as spectators gathered together for pre-game meals and prayer for the safety of the players.

There were nearly 300 people who came out to watch and support their local school.

The game started with a Presentation of the Colors by Navy veteran Tony Chua and the singing of the National Anthem.

At halftime, a cheerleading squad of nearly 40 girls from the elementary school performed several cheer sets to spur on their Eagles to victory.

But this game was not simply a homecoming game.

flag football 2

Eagles offensive line getting ready to snap the ball early in the game as they play for first place in their league.

There was an added excitement in the air with this game. It would determine the current first place leader in the California Baptist Athletic League.

Their 19-8 win over the Seahawks on Friday made them the solo team in the first position in the five-team league.

“These guys were focused and played a great game,” says Michael Moyer, assistant pastor of Mountain Avenue Baptist Church. “The guys dominated.”

The boys at Calvary Christian School have a 5-2 record.

Calvary’s head coach Randy Hatfield, a former student and football player with the school, has assembled a team this season that put up some big plays and big numbers on the field.

“They are really good. They would beat my team,” says Coach Hatfield speaking of this year’s Eagles team compared to the team he played on several years ago.

“This team is better,” he says.

In Friday’s game, it was the two seniors on the team, Alex Vega and Devin Mascoto who put most of the points on the board.

Mascoto came up big early in the game with a touchdown reception that started the Eagles on their way to the win.

He had made six completions during the game for 99 yards with two incredible catches as he slanted across the middle beating out several defenders.

His second touchdown came at the end of the game sealing the win over Newport.

Mascoto also came up big as the Seahawks were attempting to score and he intercepted what would have been a touchdown pass.

flag football

Calvary Christian School’s cheer squad performing during halftime at the Eagle’s homecoming game.

Vega made three catches for 24 yards, including one touchdown reception. He was injured late in the first half and was unable to return for the second half.

At the helm on the field, was eighth-grade quarterback Chris Cooper.

Cooper lead the team, made mostly of boys older than him, as he called out plays and advanced the Eagles to the win.

He threw the ball hitting his mark nine times out of 14 attempts, passing for 127 yards.

The lone score by the Newport team came in the last minutes of the game.

The Seahawks took advantage of the smaller boys after the Eagles substituted several older starters late in the game to allow the younger classmen to get more time in the game.

It was a last ditch effort for the Newport team to put some points on the board as the game closed with a 19-8 win for the Eagles.

With only one more game left in the season on Tuesday, a win would seal the league championship for Calvary Christian School.

They play away at Faith Baptist Academy in Wildomar, one of the teams they lost to this season.

“We are going to get our revenge against Faith on Tuesday,” says Coach Hatfield of the upcoming game. “We have the players to do it.”

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