Shade shelters with additional seating for students at Beaumont High School, and new acoustical wall panels inside the BHS and San Gorgonio Middle School gymnasiums, are among the facilities projects that have been completed on schedule within the last six months.

Beaumont Unified School District facilities director June Lindsey provided a tour Tuesday morning for the Record Gazette at different school district sites to show the finished projects that were started in August 2015.

At Beaumont High School, the photovoltaic shades, or solar panel structures, were built in the administration parking lot and the staff parking lot.

Each lot features six solar panel structures that will generate energy on sunny days. Lindsey said that the once the testing and commissioning have been done, the state agency has the final approval, and the school district will be issued a permit to operate them.

The whole system uses 633 kilometers, Lindsey said.

The solar structures were designed and built by Laser Electric in San Diego and underground work was done by BB&L Inc. of Indio.

On Tuesday morning, Laser Electric project manager Jack Larabee, along with foreman Jeff Leavitt and electrician Brian Dellosa, were looking over the solar structures with Robert Janelle, owner of BB&L Inc.

The structures took about six months to complete, Larabee said, with eight employees working on the project.

“These guys worked no matter what the weather was,” Lindsey said.

Larabee said that similar structures have been built for school districts in Desert Hot Springs, Bonsall, Indio and Palm Springs.

Most of the work was done eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, with some weekends thrown in as well.

Larabee said it was a very smooth project.

Also at the high school is the shade shelter project. Three were built on campus over new concrete seating.

“The kids didn’t have any additional seating or shade,” Lindsey said.

Shade structures with concrete seats will now give students more gathering spots on campus, Lindsey said.

The contractors and inspector were doing the close out process on Tuesday at the high school. The shade structures took approximately six months.

Acoustic paneling was added to the Beaumont High School gymnasium and new LED lighting was installed, Lindsey said. The new lighting is sensored and timed, she said, for cost savings.

Wood also was added to the acoustic panels so that banners can be hung in the gym.

It took about four months to add the acoustic panels to Beaumont High School gym and San Gorgonio Middle School gymnasium as well.

New portable classrooms will be added to Anna Hause Elementary School and Tournament Hills Elementary School, making them ready for the 2016/17 school year in August.

Four portables will be added to Anna Hause, two to Tournament Hills.

A ramp for wheelchair accessibility was built near the student enrollment area at the Educational Support Facility, along with a spot for van accessibility as well, Lindsey said.

The crosswalk going from the ESF to Brookside Elementary School was made ADA compliant, she said, with a new handrail.

Over at the Transportation Department on Cougar Way, Allsup Corp. of Upland designed and built a new alternative fuel facility for the school district. Keith Sharpe is the owner and James Marks is the foreman for Allsup, and eight other employees have been working on the project.

A new compressor with 100 horsepower – twice the current compressor – was built, said Lindsey. It features insulation and is twice the size of the old compressor.

This compressor can be hooked up to the school district buses overnight for a slow fill, Lindsey said.

There will be 12 slow fill lines for the buses. Previously, there were six.

Lindsey said that the buses can still be fast filled.

The current compressor is also used by the city of Beaumont, Waste Management, and the public.

The project will be done in a few months, Lindsey said.

On Tuesday, Allsup workers were digging one line for the fast fill and one for the slow fill.

Grants totaling almost $3 million are being used to fund the projects, Lindsey said.


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That's great news. Timely completion gives a lot of benefits especially Kindergarten in San Diego has a big population it can be good for younger students.


I can't wait for more facilities around the country to try and implement this sort of sustainable energy generation and storage in their buildings! A little upgrade to the existing structures can make a very big difference on the power grid for these facilities, not to mention helping them to keep more money in storage when they save on utilities!


Great to hear that solar power is becoming more cost effective! I wish more people were aware of the fact that it’s now relatively cheap to run a home solar power system. Some people are even taking themselves off the grid altogether now… There are some great guides out there on how to do this some of which are listed on this site if you’re interested?

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