Students in Banning Unified School District schools shared their love for history at the 2016 District History Day awards ceremony in Hoffer Elementary School’s cafeteria at the end of January.

Students from Central Elementary School, Hoffer Elementary School, Nicolet Middle School, and Banning High School participated in the fair.

District History Day is similar to the District Spelling Bee, in that the students at this fair won at the school level.

Hoffer student Caitlyn Garcia, who did her project on Harriet Tubman, said she liked history because it is about people who lived a long time ago. She added that she admired Tubman because she helped free slaves and was also a spy during the Civil War.

Jessela Buenrostros, who did her project on Amelia Earhart, said, “It (history) has so many interesting people who have changed my life.”

She also said if she found Earhart, she would find her at the bottom of the sea.

While some of the projects were done independently, other projects were done in a group. Some of the students had even written papers for their project.

Their projects, which were on trifold poster boards, were put on display along one side of the cafeteria. Families and visitors were welcome to look around at them before the awards ceremony started.

One student, Evan Hernandez, even did a website on King Tut, which was displayed on a computer near the other exhibits.

Felicia Adkins, director of educational services, and Matt Beilstein, the principal of Hoffer Elementary School, initiated the awards ceremony by introducing BUSD board members Kerri Mariner, Alex Cassadas, and board president Alfredo Andrade. Adkins thanked them for their support as well. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Soon after the Pledge, students from each school were called up to receive their certificates of participation. Adkins specified that if their names were not called, they might be getting a first, second, or third place medal.


4th Grade Group Two-dimensional Displays:

Leslie Ahumada, Carina Her, and Andee Thao from Hoffer Elementary School – “The Life of Captain James Cook”

Savannah Simpson, Shanaira Tucker, and Jillianna Valles from Hoffer Elementary School – “The Ancient Vikings: Leif Erickson Discovers America”

Jonathan Antunez, Diego Hurtado, Darnell Lovings, Jordan Roby, and Kristopher Yang from Hoffer Elemetary School – “Is America Named After Amerigo Vespucci?”

5th Grade Individual Two-dimensional Displays:

Katie Ortega Gonzalez from Central Elementary School – “The Gold Rush and the Remaking of America”

Lily Yang from Hoffer Elementary School-“The Adventures of Lewis and Clark”

Adrian Castaneda from Hoffer Elementary School-”Exploring the Galapagos: Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution”

5th Grade Group Two-dimensional Displays:

Mataya Anzaldua, Arciella Lara, Mariana Padilla, William Saavedra, Lillie Sanchez, and Adan Ceja from Central Elementary School – “American Indian Shelters”

Eliseo Carcamo & Angel Menera from Hoffer Elementary School – “Apollo 13”

Diana Bautista & Jasmin Lopez from Hoffer Elementary School – “Rosa Parks”


Evan Hernandez, who’s in sixth grade and from Nicolet Middle School – “King Tut”


Citra Benhar from Banning High School – “Prince Henry the Navigator: Developing the World through Exploration”

Exhibit Individual:

1. Kahlan Douglas from Banning High School – “WWII Brides”

2. Hailey Guerrero from Nicolet Middle School – “Exploring an Empire: Ramses II’s Reign”

Exhibit Group:

1. Reyna Alvarado, Krystal Candelario, Sahira Jasso, and Milena Padilla from Banning High School – “Pop Art”

3. Lauren Daniels, Jayd Marenco, Phillip Newlin, Alfonso Perdomo, and Jose Romo from Banning High School – “Statue of Liberty”

4. Caleb Areias, Henry Bermejo, and Seanna Garewal from Banning High School – “Columbus’s Voyage and Its Effects”


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