Dr. Mark Reis

Dr. Mark Reis addresses the San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital board.

In a region where there are many geriatric patients, Banning can be proud to note that the city is home to California’s first hospital to receive the highest level of certification for geriatric fracture care programs, as recognized by the nonprofit International Geriatric Fracture Society.

At the July 11 hospital board meeting, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Reis made the announcement that San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital has become only the 19th institution to receive the Premier  certification status in the world.

The CORE (Collaborative Orders and Reporting Evaluation) program was developed by the IGFS, representing leaders in the field of geriatric fracture care, and focuses on the highest quality indicators as identified by their organization, based on data submitted to them during the past year, relating to indicators such as time to surgery, readmission rates, mortality, and osteoporosis education.

Reis, who has provided medical care for the Lakers, the Kings, the Dodgers, the Ducks, and the USC Trojans, singled out his assistant, licensed vocational nurse, Kelly Cummins, for assistance in achieving the department’s accolades.

“It’s not just me,” Reis said. “We bandage the patients, but God heals them.”

According to the IGFS, San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital is recognized for its “team of dedicated professionals,” which “has documented their ability to exceed target benchmarks on key quality indicators.”

In making the recommendation for Premier certification for San Gorgonio Memorial, IGFS certification specialist, Michele Gingo said, “Dr. Reis is quite dedicated to the care of the geriatric hip fracture patient, and his passion is contagious throughout the hospital staff at all levels,” from nursing and therapy, to administration. “The collaborative relationship between his practice and the hospital is unique. You can see the dedication and focus on quality outcomes is entrenched, throughout both, the practice, and the hospital.”

Reis heads to Vancouver in October to address the International Geriatric Fracture Society.

“No one knows about all the good things that go on at this hospital, except for those of us who are here every day,” Reis said.

And this was one accolade the hospital did not want to keep a secret.

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