Ontario based rePlanet Recycling has closed all of its 284 recycling centers in California, including two in Beaumont, due to minimum wage increases and depressed pricing of recycled aluminum.

The two Beaumont locations were in the Stater Bros. parking lots on Beaumont Avenue and Sixth Street.

More than 800 people were employed by rePlanet Recycling, according to the company website.

The company has gone through difficult times before. In 2011, it laid off 300 employees and closed 191 recycling centers. rePlanet Recycling paid cash for aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles.

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Thanks for the informative article, Julie! I'm wondering if you know of similar recycling centers in the Palos Verdes / Torrance area. I have many recyclable bottles that I would like to trade in for some change (I'm a grad student turning passion into practicality!).


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