Classes at Mt. San Jacinto College will resume on Thursday after the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department arrested a man suspected of carrying a gun on campus on Wednesday.

Officials said they will continue with increased law enforcement to ensure the safety of MSJC students, employees and visitors.

MSJC’s San Jacinto Campus was put on lockdown and all classes were canceled districtwide on Wednesday after the sheriff’s department received a report there was a man with a gun on the campus. No shots were fired and there were no injuries.

The sheriff’s department and MSJC campus safety officers responded to the situation immediately after receiving the report about 9:30 a.m., locking down the campus and searching for the suspect.

All students, faculty and staff were instructed to stay in their locations and await further information.

Following a thorough search of the San Jacinto Campus, the sheriff’s department began releasing students, faculty and staff on a building-by-building basis shortly after 1 p.m.

“We’re very thankful for the quick response by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and its swift apprehension of the suspect,” said Dr. Roger Schultz, superintendent/president of MSJC. “With their full support and fast reaction, everyone was kept safe and then released in an orderly fashion. We appreciate everything they do for us and the community. We also thank our students, faculty and staff for their patience and cooperation during the lockdown. Safety of our students, employees and visitors is our utmost priority.”

MSJC will provide counseling on Thursday for those affected by the incident.


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