As of Thursday, Dec. 15, the Banning City Council District 3 Special Election was being led by candidate Sheri Flynn in the Riverside County Registrar of Voters’ semi-official results.

The special election was held Tuesday, Dec. 13, for the recall of former District 3 councilwoman Mary Hamlin, who resigned Sept. 9.

By Wednesday morning voting had been completed and election night votes were counted but approximately 115 vote-by-mail ballots and ballots postmarked on or before Dec. 13 remained to be counted, according to the registrar.

By Thursday counting was complete aside from those ballots still in the mail. By law, the registrar will continue to count mail-in ballots that are postmarked on or before Dec. 13.

District 3 had a 53.66 percent voter turn out with 2,549 of the 2,670 votes (95.47 percent) being in favor of the recall of Hamlin.

In the semi-official results Flynn earned 1,706 votes (64.38 percent) and Michele Walter 944 votes (35.62 percent).

Had voters not approved the recall it would have been up to the Banning City Council to fill the vacant position, either by appointment or another special election.

District 3 consists largely of the Sun Lakes senior community.

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