Ivan Zenteno's Superior Barber Shop at 65 W. Ramsey St. in Banning is open by appointment.

A new blueprint for business sector reopening was unveiled by Gov. Newsom, which includes a color-coded, tiered system that will use two metrics to measure the coronavirus: spread rate and test positivity percentage.

The tiers are designated by four colors: purple (widespread), red (substantial), orange (moderate) and yellow (minimal with the lowest restrictions). Most counties statewide – almost 90 percent — are currently highlighted in purple, including Riverside County.

Riverside County’s numbers are trending in the right direction.

“Our businesses have adapted to all these restrictions in some very innovative and thoughtful ways, including moving outside,” said Vice Chair Karen Spiegel, Second District Supervisor. “Some of our businesses can now return to indoor operations, with safeguards in place.

Businesses must continue to invest in protecting their employees and customers, as these measures help slow the spread and support economic recovery.”

According to the county health department, malls were allowed to reopen, as of Monday, in the purple tier at roughly 25 percent capacity.

In addition, hair salons and barbershops were also approved to reopen Monday.

Counties must remain at each tier for a minimum of 21 days.

The state’s new website will track the metrics, show an interactive map and list business sectors open by each county.

The Riverside County school waiver process will not be impacted by the governor’s new system.

Schools can reopen on a widespread basis (without a waiver) once a county is in the red tier for at least two weeks.


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