Mark Orozco

Mark Orozco stands with Public Defender Melissa Hale at his probation hearing.


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Former Beaumont City Councilman Mark Orozco appeared in Riverside County Superior Court Wednesday morning on charges that he violated terms of his probation dating back to his Grand Jury indictment in 2017 for perjury and bribery.

Orozco was arrested Friday, June 28, in Banning and taken into custody, and his bail was set at $25,000.

Orozco showed up at the Hall of Justice by himself Wednesday morning, which meant he was no longer in custody and had posted bail.

Public defender Melissa Hale was appointed to his case.

Before the courtroom opened at 9 a.m., Orozco paced up and down the hallway and briefly spoke on his cell phone.

Superior Court Judge Ronald Taylor presided over the courtroom.

Other cases were heard before Orozco’s.

Hale and the Probation Department met with Judge Taylor in his chambers before returning to Department 53.

Hale told the Record Gazette that Orozco’s case was determined by the Probation Department.

“The probation department has alleged that he has violated his probation and requested that he be taken back into custody,” Hale said.

She did not know if he was returning to the Larry Smith Correctional Facility, where he was originally taken last Friday upon his arrest.

The charges against him this time were not revealed in court. Bail was set at $50,000 each.

A bail reduction hearing is set for this Monday, July 8.

Hale was going to recommend that the next hearing date be Aug. 5, but then decided not to pursue it because of the bail review hearing coming up next week.

Orozco was handcuffed in the courtroom and then taken to the elevator, where his personal possessions were removed and placed in a paper bag.

He will remain in custody until further notice.

A restraining order was filed against Orozco on June 25, before his arrest on June 28.

His wife, Olivia Orozco, filed the restraining order in Riverside County Superior Court,

David Gutknecht, deputy executive officer of administration for Riverside County Superior Court, told the Record Gazette that a temporary restraining order was placed against Orozco and would remain until a hearing July 16 at the Riverside Family Law Courthouse.

Gutknecht said that the restraining order protects Olivia Orozco and their four children, who are under 18.

He is not allowed any contact with his family and must stay 100 yards from them.

The violation of his three-year probation term stems back to 2017 when the grand jury indicted him on one count of perjury and one count of bribery.

Orozco plead guilty to one count of perjury and one count of bribery.

He solicited a bribe of $15,000 from Pardee Homes in exchange for voting for the developer’s choice of candidate to replace the late Jeff Fox on the Beaumont City Council.

Orozco was sentenced in October 2017 to three years of probation, which included six months of house confinement.

He resigned his city council seat in October 2017.

He had 15 months left on his terms of probation.

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(3) comments

Libi Uremovic

orozco was a fool to plead guilty - he should have learned from the expendable seven - the county d.a. can't take anyone in beaumont to trial because the county is involved in beaumont's corruption - that became obvious after the raids when the city councilmen were never indicted and potrero, area 5, and the warehouses were rammed through ...

Libi Uremovic

'...He solicited a bribe of $15,000 from Pardee Homes in exchange for voting for the developer’s choice of candidate to replace the late Jeff Fox on the Beaumont City Council....' what orozco didn't know was that both candidates were pardee homes' pocket - dirty della condon turned out to be just as corrupt as the other one - i think it sean balinget ..

Libi Uremovic

from the press enterprise Mark Anthony Orozco, 42, in one instance did not within the required 48 hours tell his probation officer that he had talked to Beaumont police, who were investigating him for a separate felony allegation involving abuse of an individual, a Riverside County Probation Department document filed in his case said. A probation officer received the police report on the case June 27, and Orozco had been contacted by officers June 25. Also, Orozco was searched at the probation office on June 28, and a June 25 receipt for a Tijuana, Mexico restaurant was found in his right pocket. Orozco had not received permission to leave California, the document said.

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