Riverside County Animal Services is investigating a suspected act of cruelty after a man stabbed his own dog multiple times on Oct. 11 in Banning.

The stabbing followed a previous incident in the early-morning hours.

Witnesses told animal services officer Erik Magnum that the dog owner was antagonizing his pet.

Ultimately, the 3-year-old male pit bull turned on its owner, biting the man on one of his legs.

The bite happened at about 2 a.m. east of North San Gorgonio Avenue and several blocks north of Interstate 10.

The bite was serious enough that the man was transported to an area hospital.

After receiving treatment for the bite, the man returned to the property and stabbed his pet several times in its neck.

He then left the residence.

The dog’s injuries were so severe a family member surrendered the pet to officer Magnum for humane euthanasia.

The man’s whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Animal Services is continuing the investigation and a cruelty case will soon be submitted to the district attorney’s office for review.


The 3-year-old, male pitbull.

“This appears to be a blatant case of willfully harming an animal and is just a horrible incident to learn about,” Animal Services Director Julie Bank said. “Although we are still in the investigation phase, we believe this will be a strong case for us to successfully seek felony animal cruelty. No one has the right to treat an animal in such a violent manner.”


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