Chris Abeyta works on a balloon sculpture for a 2020 high school senior.

Our Clown Family, a local family of volunteers is participating in a nationwide "Adopt-A-Grandparent" campaign will help nursing staff at local facilities bring a smile to those that have been isolated since the lockdown began with the delivery of a "Balloon Buddy" to each resident in their facility.

Started by Balloon Artists across the country to spread love and joy, "Balloon Buddies" are being used as a way to ease the loneliness of those that are currently in neighborhood nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Our Clown Family is trying to raise enough funds to provide a Balloon Buddy to nearly 30 residents at the Golden Meadows Assisted Living in Banning. Once all 30 grandparents at Golden Meadows have been sponsored, the complete delivery will be made in one day. After delivery is complete at Golden Meadows, Our Clown Family will move on to the next local Assisted Living Facility and begin again.

Sponsorships for Balloon Buddies are $20, and entitle every resident their own personalized “Balloon Buddy,” as well as a complementary balloon flower bracelet for the staff member to wear while delivering Balloon Buddies.

To sponsor an individual, business or organization, contact Christopher or Lena Abeyta of Our Clown Family at (951) 259-7111.

You can sponsor one Grandparent or an entire facility.


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