Protesters march down 2nd Street in Banning this morning.

UPDATED: The city manager clarified that, though the proclamation states seven days, the city only intends to have a curfew for 12 hours.

The city of Banning has imposed a curfew starting at 6 p.m. this evening until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, and continuing for seven days

An emergency proclamation was issued by the city this morning after Director of Emergency Services Doug Schulze, the city manager, pointed to civil unrest in nearby cities that have caused property damage and injuries, and given opportunities for rampant looting.

“More protests are anticipated throughout Riverside County, including near to the City of Banning, and there is the potential for protests to occur in the city,” the proclamation reads.

A peaceful protest march took place mid-day today that began at Repplier Park and made a loop around the Police Department before heading back to the park.

“In order to safeguard the rights of peaceful assembly and protest, to protect the safety of City residents, property and businesses as well as emergency law enforcement providers, it is necessary to establish a curfew to quell violence and destruction of property,” the proclamation reads.

The curfew order can be extended by city council, or rescinded earlier if the director of emergency services feels that it is safe to do so.

Violations can be punishable by a fine not to exceed $1,000, or by imprisonment not to exceed six months.

The city's planning commission meeting slated for 6 p.m. today will now be a virtual-only meeting, and may be joined via

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Yeah, Im sure a violent mob wants to come loot and destroy already burned out looking Banning. Vote this clown Schulz out next chance you get!


There were claims of "terrorists roaming the streets" in Beaumont and a reported threat of firebombing our WalMart. All were b.s.

Indeed, our police department did a superb job of interacting with the peaceful protestors who gathered at our Sports Park and peacefully marched to city hall.

I hope Banning doesn't wind up with a bunch of gun-totin, heavy drinking vigilantes like Yucaipa.


Give it a rest, Steve. The protest in Banning was entirely peaceful, much to your dismay. Additionally, there were no "gun-totin, heavy drinking vigilantes" in Yucaipa. There were simply good people standing up to a couple of Antifa wanna-bees and making it clear that they were not welcome. Not only do I have relatives who live 1 block from the incident, I also watched the video...did you? Stop trying to stir things up that don't exist.


Actually they're totally was there was gone holding on all of the tops of buildings and there was drinking in excess which is why we had to put a new ordinance in yucaipa saying that you are not allowed to drink on public or private property that is not your own property. Nobody was in antifa wannabe everybody who is there were citizens of yucaipa and they were all except for four of them under the age of 18 everybody in that video not the antifa video but the real video that is bigger and you can see everything that is going on were a bunch of protesting children one of which was me who did not want to see the copper kettle Cafe burned down who did not want any violence get these men had inflicted violence on to us this commiting a felony.


please re-educate yourself here is the full video along with our towns news mirror

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