Industrial Project

The general specific plan area (SPA) where the project is located.

The city of Beaumont and the owner of two previously approved industrial buildings with a combined 2.89 million square feet of space on 198.38 acres along the south side of State Route 60 in a “westerly-most area” of the city have agreed to cap sewer capacity as to not overwhelm the city’s sewer capacity.

A transfer of the development agreement was previously initiated last December for The Crossroads II project within the Hidden Canyon Specific Plan just west of Portrero Boulevard and east of Jack Rabbit Trail.

Tuesday’s amendment to the development agreement establishes a maximum daily sewer flow of 139,679 gallons at any given time.

For perspective, a residential home typically produces up to 330 gallons a day, according to Beaumont’s Economic Development Director Kyle Warsinski.

It would be equivalent to 423 homes; however, Warsinski points out, that would depend on the business going in, and whether it had thousands of employees, or if it was a bottling company that might produce that amount of sewer capacity.

“I imagine the cap was set higher than what will really be needed,” he told the Record Gazette.

Though the developer has not disclosed a potential tenant, and there is no known projection of the needs for the two buildings that could house anything from e-commerce companies to light manufacturers or distribution companies, “establishing a maximum sewer flow is necessary to ensure the integrity of the City’s system and to ensure capacity is available to serve an occupant,” a staff report prepared for the city council states.

The project’s developer is MPLD II Inland Empire, LLC, which lists a San Antonio address.

The landowner and developer Bruce McDonald told councilmembers that pipes and utilities were already being laid in preparation for an anticipated tenant.

The two industrial buildings and project was approved in 2012.

The site has had several entitlements over the years, as outlined in the city’s staff report: in 1995 when the property was owned by the Lockheed Corporation, the Beaumont Gateway Specific Plan was approved for 573 dwelling units, each with minimum lot sizes of 5,000 square feet.

In 2001 Wyle Laboratories acquired the site and received an industrial zone designation, and a conditional use permit was issued for operation of a small industrial testing facility on site.

By 2005 Carlsbad-based CRV-SC Beaumont Parners, LP received approval to revert the zoning to residential, and planned 426 residential lots, 19.5 acres of parks and open space, and a 4.8-acre commercial site.

Plot plan documents according to the city propose the development “of two warehouse buildings … one would be 1,867,040 square feet” situated in the southern half of the site, while the other would be 1,000,170 square feet, to be built in the northern half of the site.

Staff Writer David James Heiss may be reached at , or by calling (951) 849-4586 x114.

Staff Writer David James Heiss may be reached at , or by calling (951) 849-4586 x114.


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