Joseph Schlosser was identified as the suspect in a carjacking in Banning.

On May 25 Banning Police Department was dispatched to the area of the 800 Block of East Ramsey Street in the City of Banning in response to a carjacking.

The victim reported that while stopped at a local fuel station, she exited her unlocked, running vehicle and entered the business. While she was inside, she noticed someone had gotten into her vehicle. She ran out of the business, and she attempted to stop the suspect from leaving. As she approached, she discovered the suspect was inside of her vehicle and had locked the doors. As she attempted to open the door, the suspect drove out of the station parking-lot, knocking the victim to the ground and striking the victim with vehicle. The victim sustained minor injuries.

The victim vehicle was later located and returned to the victim; however, the suspect is outstanding. The Banning Police Department Detective Bureau later identified 25-year-old Joseph Schlosser, who was arrested June 4 and booked into Riverside County Jail.

Banning Police Department requests that anyone, who may have additional information in

regard to this case to contact the Banning Police Department Detective Bureau at (951) 922-3170.


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Riverside County, and the rest of the state, reopened June 15 with capacity limits and physical distancing requirements removed for most businesses and events. However, other safety measures may be needed based on the type of business or event.

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