As many of our local residents know, Interstate 10 (I-10) through the San Gorgonio Pass Area from Pennsylvania Avenue in Beaumont to State Route 111 towards Palm Springs is in the process of undergoing a massive overhaul to increase the usability, effectiveness, and overall safety of the roadway for motorists and commercial traffic alike.

This morning, a traffic crossover was put in place on I-10 eastbound starting at 8 th Street and ending at Main Street.

Temporary lanes have been built to allow traffic to safely cross onto the opposing side of the freeway.

With this new traffic pattern in place, the California Highway Patrol urges motorists to plan ahead, pay attention to signage, and reduce their speed through the Pass Area.

The maximum speed limit through the construction zone has been reduced to 60 mph. Fines in construction zones are doubled and moving violations will be strictly enforced by the CHP.

For further information, telephone interviews, and/or questions contact Public Information Officer Matt Napier at (951) 769-2000 ext. 238, or after hours at 916-407-7511


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