Gabriel Ruby Hernandez

On May 28 shortly before 3 a.m., officers of the Banning Police Department were dispatched to the Chevron station at 3230 W. Ramsey St. in Banning in response to an armed robbery that just been reported. A suspect was described by the gas station employee as a Hispanic male adult, approximately 5’6,” 230 pounds.

The suspect entered the gas station wearing a mask that covered his head and face, approached the service counter and produced a handgun. The suspect pointed the weapon at the clerk and demanded all the money from the cash register.

After obtaining the money the suspect fled the location in a silver vehicle.

Security footage captured the robbery and assisted in identifying the suspect in this case.

“The Banning Police Department’s detective bureau continues its relentless pursuit of dangerous criminals. These individuals present a real danger to the safety and security of our residents and we will do all we can to keep Banning and its residents safe,” says Chief Matthew Hamner.

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department had been investigating several armed robberies that shared similarities to the robbery in the Banning.

The Sheriff’s Department located and arrested Gabriel Ruby Hernandez as the prime suspect in their cases. Detectives of the Banning Police Department conducted an interview of Hernandez on July 8, where Hernandez admitted to the robbery of the Chevron station.

Additional charges were filed with the Riverside County District Attorney’s office.

Banning Police Department is asking anyone who may have additional information regarding this case to contact the Banning Police Department Detective Bureau at (951) 922- 3170.


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