The Department of Waste Resources assisted the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department by handling the disposal and immediate burial of marijuana eradicated from more than 100 illegal grow locations in the Anza Valley on Wednesday, June 5. 

Adjusting the Lamb Canyon Landfill hours to stay open to assist with the sheriff’s operation, the Lamb Canyon Landfill in Beaumont served as the burial location for the seized cannabis.

The landfill extended its hours of operation past 11 p.m. so that a crew was on hand to ensure all of the seized material was properly disposed.

The loads were fast tracked through the Lamb Canyon gate fee booth and the seized material was taken to a special drop site on the active pad.

The seized marijuana was immediately buried and refuse was immediately piled on top.

“We are grateful to assist the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the many other law enforcement agencies involved in this effort,” said Hans Kernkamp, general manager-chief engineer of the Department of Waste Resources.

In total, 10 separate loads of seized marijuana were buried, tipping the scales at nearly 70 tons of material.


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The evacuation warning in Riverside County has been expanded to include:the area east of Whitewater, north of Interstate 10, West of Highway 62, and south of the San Bernardino County line.

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