Beaver Medical at Sundance Corporate Center

Beaver Medical Group’s new Urgent Care Center and medical facility at the Sundance Corporate Center in Beaumont.

Beaver Medical Group is moving in to its new Urgent Care Center and state-of-the-art medical facility at the Sundance Corporate Center at 839 N. Highland Springs Ave.

The facility is equipped with new digital x-ray machines and onsite phlebotomy services. Beaver is also in the process of recruiting more physicians to serve its patients in the greater Beaumont and Banning area.

“For 75 years, Beaver Medical Group has been committed to providing quality healthcare to our patients. As an active participant in the Banning and Beaumont communities for decades, Beaver has unique insight into the care and services the communities need,” says John Goodman, administrator of Redlands-based Beaver Medical Group.

The Urgent Care Center and Orthopedics Department will relocate from the Loma Linda University Health Building in Beaumont to the first floor of the new Sundance Beaumont office on Monday, Aug. 10.

The cardiology and pulmonology departments will relocate from its Banning office to the second floor of the new Sundance facility in Beaumont as of Aug. 24.

The two existing Beaver Medical Group offices on Ramsey Street in Banning, as well as the primary care suite in the Beaumont Loma Linda University Health (Beaumont South) building, will remain open.

Beaver Medical Group’s Senior Medical Director Dr. Charles Chen, says “While this move has been in the works for several years, we could not have foreseen just how critical the timing would be for our patients, clinicians and staff. The opening of Sundance Beaumont will ensure we will continue to meet not only the needs of our community’s current population, but future generations as well.”

In addition to the expansion to Sundance Beaumont, Beaver also announced that several new physicians have joined or will be joining the medical group to practice in the Beaumont and Banning area, including: Dr. Saida Hardoon, a family medicine physician, will be joining the primary office at 81 S. Highland Springs Ave. in Beaumont; and Dr. Brandon DeCaluwe, ophthalmologist, and Dr. Aron Depew, general surgeon, will be joining the Banning Specialty Care Center at 6109 W. Ramsey St.


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