Beaumont fire

Public safety workers inspect a congested storm drain, clogged with debris after flash floods tore through areas decimated by the 2018 Montecito Fire.

Beaumont encourages the community to tune in next week when it hosts its “Be Storm Ready” community meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 27 to discuss the threat of floods following the Apple and El Dorado fires.

The event will begin at 2 p.m. and repeat again at 6 p.m. at the Beaumont Civic Center, 550 E. 6th Street, and will be livestreamed via Facebook.

At the Oct. 20 Beaumont city council meeting, Lt. Robert Galletta gave an overview of how the 55,000 burned acres between Oak Glen, Yucaipa and Cherry Valley left “a moonscape on the mountainsides,” leaving behind a considerable area with no vegetation that leaves the area prone to flooding.

Rains falling on a burn scar can create a flash flood, Galletta said.

Considering the aftermath of other areas in California that experienced rains after devastating fires, the Pass area could be prone to unabated mud and debris flows.

Galletta suggested that residents get to know the area’s flood zones, and be aware of whether or not they live within one.

Noble Creek channel flows beneath Beaumont Avenue that could cause issues. Galletta explained that Noble Creek Park borders Noble Creek and is at a lower elevation; Mountain View Middle School and the Beaumont Sports Park; San Gorgonio Creek north and west of Beaumont High School; some mobile home parks and the Highland Springs Village were areas notably at-risk.

Beaumont has worked out a system to offer residents a 72-hour notice for any evacuation orders

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