Beaumont city hall

Beaumont City Hall. 

The Beaumont City Council declared a local emergency for the city during Tuesday night’s meeting, which was streamed live to the public.

City Manager Todd Parton said that the local emergency would remain in place in Beaumont until the emergency conditions have been abated.

The city also will maintain vital emergency supplies as well.

Councilmember Lloyd White wanted reassurance from Parton that the city was not imposing additional orders that the Riverside County Public Health Department had not put in place.

Parton said that if the department of public health comes up with a new order, then he has the authority to approve it without calling the city council together.

Ten people were allowed in the council chambers, which included three seats for the public.

Mayor Rey Santos and Councilmember White represented the council on the dais, while Mayor Pro Tem Mike Lara and councilmembers Nancy Carroll and Julio Martinez teleconferenced from their homes.

The screen also showed city treasurer Baron Ginnetti and city clerk Steve Mehlman in their respective homes.

Parton and Beaumont city attorney John Pinckney sat six feet apart on their side of the dais, as did Deputy City Clerk Nicole Wheelwright and staff members who gave agenda presentations on the opposite side of the room.

Public Information Officer Ashley Starr said that only 10 people were allowed in the overflow room across the hall, but that staff members remained in their offices until it was their time to give a presentation.

There was seating available for the public in the hallway, but Starr said she did not think anyone was at the meeting.

During the meeting, the number of viewers was flashed on the screen and at one point, there were 38 people watching.

Questions about agenda items were submitted by email during the council meeting to Wheelwright, who read the emails aloud to the council.

The city of Beaumont has made many changes to its city services and community programs as of March 16 and these changes will remain in effect until further notice.

Future city council meetings most likely will be teleconferenced until the emergency conditions are lifted.

Other city services that have been affected include:

Customer Service Desk — The Beaumont Civic Center and the Albert A. Chatigny Sr. Community Recreation Center are closed to walk-in customers. Utility payments may be made online or can be placed in the drop box located at the Civic Center parking lot. Passport services will be suspended until further notice.

Our full customer service team is available by phone at (951)769-8520.

Police Department – The Beaumont Police Department lobby is closed.

Individuals in need of assistance are asked to utilize the call box located at the entrance to the lobby. Livescan services will be suspended until further notice. Residents may utilize the non-emergency phone number at (951)769-8500 for questions. There is no impact to 911 Emergency service.

Community Recreation Center (CRC) — All recreation programs, including Day Damp and Senior Center, are suspended until further notice. Customer service representatives are available by phone at (951)769-8524.

Field Operations —Maintenance crews for parks, streets and wastewater will continue their regular duties. Public service requests may be submitted online at and will be prioritized to limit exposure to City employees.

Building Permits and Inspections — The building permit window will be closed to the public. Permits may be submitted online or by mail. Inspectors will only conduct site walkthroughs if the sites/areas to be inspected are cleared.

Customer service representatives are available by phone at (951)769-8529.

Beaumont Transit – Reduced schedules have been implemented on multiple routes.

Please visit our website for current schedules.

Animal Control – Operations will continue to operate as normal.

The City plans to evaluate the status of these closures on a weekly basis.

Please visit the City online at for additional services.

For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit

Staff Writer Julie Farren may be reached at


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