The Beaumont City Council approved amending the amount of funding that the Boys & Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass and Life Lifters International will receive for the 2020/21 fiscal year.

Both organizations appeared at the Nov. 19 council meeting, where it was determined that each would receive the amount they requested.

Boys & Girls Club executive director Amy Herr and Megan Grisham said that the club needs funding for its Camp Kids program, which sponsors camps for youth during the summer, at Thanksgiving and in the spring and winter.

Sara Cortes de Pavon and Anita Williams, parent engagement and expanded learning coordinator for the Beaumont Unified School District represented Life Lifters Diamond and Pearls mentoring program for girls ninth through 12th grade.

Funding is needed for a van to transport the girls for college trips, resume building, teaching financial literacy and supplies and materials.

There are 11 girls in the Diamond and Pearls mentoring program and it costs $1,100 per girl, Williams said.

The Community Development Block Grant money is distributed through the county of Riverside.

Community Development Director Christina Taylor asked the council at the Jan. 28 meeting about the amount each organization should receive.

The maximum amount they were working with was $26,085.

The $20,000 given to both groups exceeded the award amount, Taylor said.

Council member Nancy Carroll said the council would love to give each organization enough money for their goals.

“They’re both incredibly worthy programs,” Carroll said.

Councilmember Lloyd White recommended that the $26,000 be divided into $10,000 for the Boys and Girls Club and $16,000 will be given to Life Lifters.

The council unanimously approved the recommendation.

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