Apple fire helicopter

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District provided water from recharge ponds to firefighting helicopters working to contain the Apple fire.

Beaumont-Cherry Valley Water District provided water from district recharge ponds to firefighting helicopters working to contain the Apple fire.

The district’s bulldozer is also clearing land of combustible material such as trees, shrubs and grass, also known as cutting firebreak, to allow access for firefighting vehicles in the upper canyon.

“Thank you to the many firefighters, agencies and personnel that are working hard to protect our community and fight the Apple fire,” said BCVWD Board of Directors President John Covington. “We are grateful to your dedication to protecting our residents, and we admire your tenacity and commitment to serving the public.”

The fire, which began Thursday, July 31, has burned over 20,000 acres and is 5% contained as of Monday morning, Aug.3.

Evacuation orders are in effect for many area residents.

For updates and information about the Apple Fire, including evacuation details, go to or

The fire has not caused any interruption to water service delivery in the area. In the event an outage does occur, BCVWD will provide outage information on its website at

“The safety of our customers is of utmost importance as we work together to battle the Apple Fire,” said BCVWD General Manager Dan Jaggers. “Our hearts go out to all those impacted, and we will continue to do our part to fight the fire and protect our community.”

For more information about BCVWD, visit


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