A bus shelter at the Wal-mart Second Street location should be built by the end of July after the Beaumont City Council approves a contractor for the project.

Management analyst Celina Cabrera talked about the project at the Jan. 21 city council meeting.

Beaumont Transit is submitting requests for proposals for the Walmart site and the Beaumont Library location.

Bids will be accepted until Feb. 27.

City council will approve a contract, which should take place at the first city council meeting in April.

Walmart will feature two 26-foot-long shelters facing Second Street.

Amenities will include trash cans, lights and route signs.

A bus shelter will be built in front of the Beaumont Library on Eighth Street and Wells Fargo on Sixth Street.

Cabrera answered councilmember Mike Lara’s questions at the Jan. 21 meeting about the wind and seating capacity.

There will be protection from the wind and more seating capacity.

It also will be ADA accessible and have bike racks for passengers, leaning bars and solar lighting.

The library will have a 13- foot long shelter, with similar amenities.

A second project involves the construction of a bus shelter near Wells Fargo on Sixth Street, Cabrera said.

Staff writer Julie Farren may be reached at jfarren@recordgazette.net or call (951) 849-4586 x 119.

Staff Writer Julie Farren may be reached at jfarren@recordgazette.net.


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