Beaumont sports

Beaumont High's stadium where the Cougars' section playoff soccer game Thursday, May 13 is scheduled to be played.

UPDATE: Beaumont High today was granted clearance from County Public Health to immediately resume playing all sports, said Beaumont AD Martin DuSold.

On Thursday, it was announced that the Beaumont High athletic program would be  shut down for 4 or 5 days since there were positive COVID-19 tests within the program.

“This is due to Riverside County Public Health making a determination

based on (positive) COVID cases with 3 teams,” DuSold said on Wednesday, May 11 by email. “All of our other teams are unaffected directly, but public health has directed our district to hold all teams out of activity until they review all

information. Our district has had daily conversations with public

health, and we are taking it day by day.”

Though there have been numerous Beaumont High athletic events

postponed during the past 4 to 5 days, DuSold said “there has not been a

final determination yet” on the boys’ section playoff soccer game at

home on Thursday, May 13, against Eastside.

Beaumont Unified officials have been in communication with the

Riverside University Health System about how to address the COVID

situation, said DuSold who also confirmed the school’s Citrus Belt

League basketball games for Saturday, May 8, were postponed.

Among other Beaumont events in recent days believed to have been

postponed due to COVID-19 concerns were a baseball game with Yucaipa,

a boys’ basketball game with Cajon, two girls’ basketball games with

Cajon and a softball game with Redlands East Valley.

“Their program has been shut down due to COVID,” Cajon High athletic

director Rich Imbriani said. “Everyone who was supposed to play them

since last week has been put on hold. It saddens me for their kids and


Said Yucaipa High athletic director Matt Carpenter, “My understanding

is that the county stepped in and recommended they shut everything

down and from there it takes time to figure out what needs to be done

open back up. You want things to happen instantly, but they just don’t

work that way.”




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Riverside County, and the rest of the state, reopened June 15 with capacity limits and physical distancing requirements removed for most businesses and events. However, other safety measures may be needed based on the type of business or event.

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