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The cities of Beaumont and Banning have entered into a new agreement for interagency transit service, eliminating Route 2, which previously went from Beaumont into Banning, giving the latter city all revenue from its bus riders.

The Beaumont City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to accept the new agreement, which begins July 1, for a one-year term.

Community Services Director Elizabeth Gibbs, who also is Beaumont’s Transit Manager, outlined the new agreement for the city council.

The original agreement was entered into in December 2002.

The cities of Banning and Beaumont entered into an agreement to provide coordinated transit services that integrated components of the fixed routes between Banning and Beaumont.

Under the new agreement, Route 2 was removed from Beaumont’s route so that Banning could collect all fares within its city.

The new agreement was adopted June 4.

Gibbs said she met with Banning City Manager Doug Schulze and Public Works Director Art Vela on June 11 to work out the new agreement.

Among the highlights: each city will implement boarding restrictions; each agency will accept transfer tickets for the other agency at stops such as San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital and Walmart.

This way, passengers do not have to pay for two tickets, Gibbs said.

The cities also can not operate duplicating services without written approval, meaning providing the same service in the other city.

Mayor Julio Martinez asked Gibbs if she would be meeting sooner than Dec. 15 to negotiate terms for the following year.

Gibbs told Martinez yes, that even though the agreement states Dec. 15, she they would be meeting sooner with Banning, specifically Art Vela. Gibbs said she plans to meet with Vela once a month.

New signs will be installed in each city, Gibbs said.

She said she is hopeful that communication between the two cities will be positive and move forward.

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