Apple fire Aug. 4

The Apple fire continues to spread to the north across the head of the Mill Creek Canyon and East into the San Gorgonio Wilderness.

The Apple Fire is continuing to spread to the north across the head of the Mill Creek Canyon, and east into the San Gorgonio Wilderness, authorities said Tuesday.

“As the fire burns into the wilderness the vegetation is becoming sparse limiting fire intensity,” authorities said.

The fire remained active Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Overnight, firefighters were able to complete construction of a fire line on the southwest corner of the area.

This and other work along the southern and southeastern sides increased the percentage of fire containment.

Infrared surveys are indicating that there are several pockets of heat in the area of Pine Bench (west side), Banning Canyon (south side) and Millard Canyon (east side). Crews were able to work the areas of Pine Bench and Millard Canyon, but due to the danger of falling trees they did not engage in the Banning Pass.

Structure protection groups have been established in the areas of Oak Glen and Forest Falls.

Today, in addition to continuing structure protection and perimeter control, firefighters will be scouting the San Gorgonio wilderness to develop a control plan to address the spread of the fire to the northeast.

Damage assessment teams are deployed and will be surveying the fire area for damage to structures and infrastructure.

For Riverside County Residents: please visit for an interactive map that will allow you to enter your address to see if you are in an evacuation area.

For San Bernardino County Residents: The community of Oak Glen is under an evacuation order. Forest Falls, Pioneertown, and Rim Rock are all under an evacuation warning.

The San Gorgonio Wilderness has been closed to all use. An Emergency Forest Closure Order is in effect as of August 2, 2020. The order prohibits all entry into the San Gorgonio Wilderness and some adjacent areas. This order also includes the Pacific Crest Hiking Trail between the Forest Boundary and Forest Road 1N01. Additionally, all Forest Service recreation areas in the Forest Falls area are closed.

An evacuation center has been opened at Beaumont High School, 39139 Cherry Valley Boulevard, Beaumont, CA. Evacuated animals are also being accepted at the high school. Animal Control is on scene.

There are numerous road closures in the area at the following intersections: High and Cherry; High and Jonathan; High and Winsap; Orchard and Avenida San Timateo; Orchard and Avenida Miravilla; Orchard and Oak Glen; Cherry Valley Blvd. and Bellflower Ave.; Sunset and Wilson; and Bluff and Mias Canyon.

Warm and dry conditions will prevail across the incident today. There will be a slight drop in temperatures and relative humidity will increase through the afternoon before dropping back down to the teens later tonight.

The Apple fire camp has been established. The camp is essentially a small city that includes sleeping areas, a business area and a large kitchen that provides all assigned personnel three meals per day. Area residents who wish to make food donations are encouraged to contribute to local food pantries.


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Beaumont stands to collect a minimum of $75 every time one of its animal control officers are hailed to the Morongo Indian reservation, and an additional $35 for any animal it picks up for impoundment and delivery to the Ramona Animal Shelter in San Jacinto.

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