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Photo by Anita Lawrence

Cpt. Jeff Horn and Lieutenant Vince Avila of the Banning Police Department were appreciative of the rocks created specifically for the Police Department by the Sun Lakes Rock Fairies.


Sun Lakes Life

The Sun Lakes Rock Fairies once again answered the call from Rich Morales of District 7 for rocks to be painted for Sun Lakes’ employees, Cal Fire Stations 20 and 89 and the Banning Police Department.

Morales, the Delegate for District 7 collected the brightly painted rocks, separated them by category and arranged a time with each organization for them to be delivered.

On Thursday morning June 25, Morales met Captain Jeff Horn and Lieutenant Vince Avila at the Banning Police Department.

Both officers were extremely pleased and appreciative for the rocks that expressed messages of thanks along with the artistic designs created by the Rock Fairies specifically for the men and women in blue.

At Cal Fire Station 89 located in downtown Banning, Morales met Fire Apparatus Engineer (the title for the person who drives the big red fire truck) Carlos Vasquez. Vasquez was very surprised when Morales presented him with the rocks painted for the Cal Fire personnel at Stations 89 and 20.

Later in the day Morales went to the entrance to the Main Clubhouse to present the rocks that were created for the many dedicated employees of Sun Lakes. Rock Fairy Sandy Chaffin joined Morales to make the presentation to General Manager, Christopher Mitchell, Assistant General Manager, Jason Ewals, and Recreation Director, Elise Campbell.

Morales had painted a special rock for Executive Chef, Hugo Salazar depicting the Muppets character, the Swedish Chef and Morales was soon joined by Cherie Wood, the Food and Beverage Director and Chef Salazar to receive their rocks. Following the presentation, other Sun Lakes employees were notified to stop by the Recreation Department Office to pick up the rocks that had been painted for them.

In addition to Morales and Chaffin other Rock Fairies that contributed to the effort included Teri Morales, Rita Lopez, Raelene Kretchman, Sue Volz, Sylvia Berbier, Mical Cisterna and Robin Nemire as well as the many anonymous fairies who once again contributed their time and talent for so many deserving individuals.


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