Marty Bauer.

After six years as president of the Carol’s Kitchen board of directors, Marty Bauer is stepping down from his role with the non-profit organization.

Bauer, 81, said he wants to focus on his health, and the board will select a new president in the next month.

Bauer will still be involved with the non-profit, he said.

Carol’s Kitchen was founded 21 years ago by Jim and Arlene Ragan in memory of their daughter Carol, who had a passion for feeding the hungry. She was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1996.

Bauer said he met the Ragans in Big Bear Lake and got to know them personally. They asked Bauer to join the organization in 2011.

“It turns out my background was ideal to come and help in that area,” Bauer said.

When he joined Carol’s Kitchen, Bauer served as its accountant and bookkeeper. He also compiled a 37-page operations manual for Carol’s Kitchen.

Bauer learned a lot about Carol’s Kitchen in three years. “I was pretty knowledgeable by the time I joined the board,” he said.

He became president in 2014. The board currently has 13 members.

“Our board is a working board,’’ Bauer said. “We don’t have a lot of folks who like to work behind the scenes.’’

Carol’s Kitchen serves 3,000 meals a month at six locations in Banning, Beaumont and Cabazon. Bauer said the organization relies on fundraisers, grants and donations to keep the mission alive..

Bauer said Carol’s Kitchen has four committees: fundraising, grants, strategic planning and administration.

Each board member serves a four-year term and all are required to attend monthly board meetings.

There are 130 volunteers and each location has approximately 12 to 30 volunteers.

Each cook plans their own meals and the executive director is Lance Sanchez.

Bauer said he wanted to model the Carol’s Kitchens like the one he saw at TRW, where he worked for 36 years as an engineer. He was a program manager with TRW’s Department of Energy.

Improving the kitchens took a lot of hard work. They worked on planning and being fiscally responsible, along with improving attendance.

Bauer said they had a goal in mind. “The first three or four years, we were focusing on getting the kitchen to run more smoothly,’ Bauer said.

Staff writer Julie Farren may be reached at

Staff Writer Julie Farren may be reached at


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