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Anna Hause School second-grader Leonardo Herrera points out the design he contributed to the display.


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Beaumont students have their own public art exhibit.

No admission fee requested. No real limitation on visitation hours.

At Wildflower Park in Beaumont’s Sundance community, a display case was unveiled last week that showcases some students’ creative works from Arroyo Verde Elementary School.

Playing off a children’s book title, a sentence at the top of the display reads “If you give an Anna Hause Hawk a Pencil” …

Technically, the art pieces were colored in.

During a brief ceremony, City Manager Todd Parton, Beaumont Mayor Mike Lara, his wife — school board president Susie Lara — and school district Superintendent Mays Kakish offered remarks, and a couple of students proudly pointed out their handiwork on display.

Community Services Director Elizabeth Gibbs said that she hopes to see similar display cases at each city park highlighting student artwork.

Her daughter Chelsea Sinske, a fourth-grade teacher at Arroyo Verde Elementary School, had pitched the idea to her mother after seeing similar displays while hiking around Lake Gregory.

Kevin Norville, a grounds maintenance supervisor for the city who helped install the case, said in an interview after the ceremony, “Things like this bring the community together, and unites the school district and the city. I think it turned out great. It’s neat to see some of the kids who are displaying their artwork. I look forward to seeing these at the other parks.”

Susie Lara said “It’s a great opportunity to work together with the city. I’m glad this came to fruition. They’ve been planning it for the past few months.”

According to Lara, the displays will be rotated with other students’ artworks every few weeks.

Eventually, other display cases at other parks will feature art from students of the nearest school sites.

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