Local residents wait to receive COVID-19 vaccinations at San Gorgonio Middle School Jan. 13. 

Riverside County health officials are relocating several of the COVID-19 vaccine clinic sites to new locations. The changes will take effect at the end of business today (March 19) and the new locations are scheduled to open Monday.

 “These changes will help us better serve the residents in Riverside County, especially with additional staff at the Moreno Valley mall site, which will double the capacity,” said Kim Saruwatari, director of Riverside County Public Health.

Here are the changes:

* The clinic at Citrus Hill High School will be closed and the staff relocated to the existing clinic at the Moreno Valley Mall (former Sears building).

* The clinic at San Gorgonio Middle School in Beaumont is being moved to the Albert A. Chatigny Senior Community Recreation Center, 1310 Oak Valley Parkway, Beaumont.

* The clinic at the Riverside Convention Center (operated by Curative) is being moved to the former Sears building in Riverside, 6852 Streeter Avenue, Riverside.

“We realize the need to modify vaccination locations with many schools reopening in the near future,” said Board Chair Karen Spiegel, Second District Supervisor. “We are grateful to these school districts that have graciously provided venues to the county team in our effort to vaccinate thousands of Riverside County residents. The new locations will continue to provide convenient sites closer to our residents.”

To make a vaccination appointment, click .


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