The front of the Banning Public Library, facing west Nicolet Street.


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The Banning/Beaumont Elks Lodge awarded the Banning Library District a $4,500 grant to facilitate a new STEM Program.

STEM integration refers to students participating in science, technology, engineering, and math education.

The grant will be used for the "Take-STEM-Home" program, which will allow students to take home STEM- related materials, including books, activities and crafts.

Each bag will contain a different subject.

It's a convenient way for parents to check out the bag and take it home to work on projects with their children.

According to library director Kevin Lee the launch of the hands-on STEM program was to be implemented right before the COVID-19 pandemic, but due to shut-downs and state stay-at-home orders it has was suspended. "We plan to organize this, very soon, in a way so patrons can still come to the library and check out the items provided to us," Lee said.

The grant will also provide for science projects.

The library will be offering all sorts of different science projects that kids love.

Instead of only reading about inspiring subjects, young patrons can now be encouraged to experience it.

Three new computers for the children’s room were also included.

The computers will be accessible to children only.

The library offers story time and literacy programs, and will be incorporating computers and technology into this program.

A printer was also provided and will print craft worksheets, flyers, for the young patrons.


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