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Winning videographers, from left: Site leader Shane Arch, Jesse Garcia, Tyrone Allen, and Elijah Masullo.

A minute-long video depicting a straight-A basketball player who has started to lash out socially and withdraw from activities, is among the best suicide prevention videos in the county.

Four members at the Boys and Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass wrote and directed the video, “Speak Out.”

It stars Marc Logan, who approaches a coach (played by former staff member, Christian Ojeda) to inform him of his friend’s unusual behavior.

The coach tells him, “Thanks for telling me. You did the right thing,” and proceeds to go talk with the troubled youth.

The crew earned $500 in the Suicide Prevention category, Youth and Young Adult division.

The Directing Change Program and Film Contest is part of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement, and statewide efforts to prevent suicide, and reduce stigma and discrimination related to mental illness.

The members of the Boys and Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass are in good company: others nominated from Riverside County in the same division were Mt. San Jacinto College for its video, “Timeless”; La Sierra University’s “Not Alone”; and Sia Tech School For Integrated Students’ short, “Silenced.”

Only 125 films out of 353 submitted at the county level advance to the state level, where “Speak Out” won an additional $500, and the Boys and Girls Club of the San Gorgonio Pass received a $500 contribution for the boys’ efforts, according to site leader, Shane Arch.

Arch, a professional rapper and producer for his Moreno Valley-based independent label, Royal Gambling Club, was the adviser for “Speak Out.”

“They’re the stars. They had the story and the talent. All I did was help guide their ideas,” Arch said.

Besides Marc Logan, who is a sophomore at Banning High School, the others who worked on the video include Banning High School freshman quarterback, Tyrone Allen, and Nicolet Middle School eighth-graders, Jesse Garcia and Elijah Masullo.

Tyrone and Jesse penned the script.

The unexpected cash prize forced Logan to open his first bank account, as his peers contemplated what they will do with their winnings: Elijah wouldn’t mind either a new X-box, or some new football gear; Tyrone hopes for some new clothes; and Jesse wants to squirrel away his earnings towards college.

“This is great that they get to showcase their capability,” said Megan Grisham, director of operations for the Boys and Girls Club. “We have talented youth in our community who don’t always have an outlet to explore their creative endeavors. Hopefully this inspires them to do even more.”

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