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Beaumont High School catcher Bryanna Gardinier has committed to playing at Westcliff University.

Beaumont High School senior Bryanna “Bree” Gardinier has committed to playing softball at Westcliff University in Irvine.

Gardinier is a catcher for the Beaumont High School Cougars.

The 17-year-old joined the varsity team as a sophomore.

Frankie Fuimaono is Gardinier’s catching and hitting coach at Beaumont High School.

“When I was a sophomore, I was a designated hitter,” Gardinier said.

“During my junior and senior year, I became the catcher. Frankie helped me a lot,” Gardinier said. “I was the back-up catcher.”

Gardinier credits Fulmaono with enhancing his skills.

She takes weekly lessons Fuimaono to help her with her technique and stances.

Fuimaono also is Gardinier’s hitting coach.

Gardinier’s number one fan is her grandmother, Cindy Caudill, who raised Gardinier and has watched her blossom from a young player into the powerhouse athlete that she has become.

Caudill tears up when she speaks of her beloved No. 79.

“If you ask her coaches, they’ll tell you that she’s a team player,” Caudell says. “She’s just good at what she does.”

Like any pro-active athlete, Gardinier likes to see how she plays at a game.

“Bree likes to be filmed to see how she plays,” Caudill explains.

Gardinier’s brother Michael does the filming for her.

“She knows,” Caudill says, referring to how Gardinier analyzes her performance behind the plate or hitting. “It’s exciting to see that. One time she hit six home runs. ­She hit three home runs in one game,” and “The next game she hit one (more home run). Then she broke her bat. She came back, and used another bat, and hit another one, easily.”

As Caudill’s ace catcher spreads her wings to fly to Westcliff University, Caudell breathes a sigh of relief in one area.

“I’m glad she’s staying in California,” Caudill says with a grin. “I was happy” that she was accepted, “because she’s growing up.”

In return, Gardinier is deeply grateful for her grandmother.

“She’s always been there for me,” Gardinier says. “She’s been to every single one of my games. My grandmother takes me everywhere. It makes me feel happy to know I have somebody in the crowd that, I know, is always going to be there for me. She could be easily doing something else.”

Gardinier is glad that she is going to Westcliff.

“I visited Westcliff and immediately fell in love with it,” she says. "When I went to visit the campus, I liked the small atmosphere. Everybody knew each other, and I loved the coaches."

For the 2018-2019 season, Gardinier’s statistics were 25, games played, .385 average, .444 on base percentage, 25 hits, 17 runs batted in and 11 runs.


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