Dean Osilla

(Commencement speeches are submitted courtesy of the speakers and are not necessarily verbatim as to how they were delivered at commencement).

Welcome all fellow graduates, family, faculty, and distinguished guests. I would like to thank all family that showed up to support our graduating class in this momentous occasion.

Now, graduation is meant to be treated as a departure, however, we should see it as a renewal.

What I mean is that this physical departure of friends and beloved setting should be an invitation to a new chapter of our lives. Our high school chronicle has ended. We haven’t left our memories behind. We left behind our legacy.

My enjoyment of high school came mostly from my friends, to whom I am truly grateful for. The times we spent joking around at the dumbest things is what I will remember for years to come. I would also like to thank Kline for being an inspiration to me due to his countless stories and quips throughout class. My respect for him is immeasurable, and my love for science only

grew with him as my teacher and coach. Thank you to Mrs. Potter for being a great teacher in providing interest to me in a class I did not expect to love as much as I did. Although I only had her class for one year, it felt like a huge part of my high school. Likewise, I would like to thank Mrs. Roberts for being an overall great teacher for being sympathetic, and opening my eyes to

work even harder to receive a grade I am proud of.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family for being my foundation for my education. They guided me to have aspirations in high school, when I did not aspire otherwise. I especially want to thank my brother for being my greatest supporter and inspiration for high school. His words always helped me when I was down, and gave me new light on problems I was currently facing.

Without him, it would have been a much more difficult high school experience.

As I want to wrap this speech up, since I know all of you just want to get out of here and celebrate in your own special ways (I’m looking at you, Magaña), I finally want to thank all graduates for pushing through to the last moment and being here today. Although I do not personally know every graduate from our class, I am pleased to know that you are all here to celebrate our 4 years together at our alma mater.


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