The band Desperado, performing at the Playhouse Bowl in August 2016.

Banning’s signature events will take place in some sort of amended fashion this year.

The Playhouse Bowl Association will resume its August Concerts in the Park series, moving forward with its schedule from two years ago that was canceled due to COVID-19, and Stagecoach Days will host its three-day rodeo as well as a parade, but will forgo a carnival this fall.

In 2015 the city designated the Concerts in the Park and Stagecoach Days as “signature events,” giving them priority for funding and in-kind services if the city has the resources to provide them.

The Playhouse Bowl Association has lined up Beach Boys tribute band Surf City All Stars on Aug. 5; Doobie Brothers tribute band Listen To The Music on Aug. 12; tribute band Journey Unauthorized for Aug. 19, and Tennessee River on Aug. 26, a tribute to Alabama.

The committee is still working on an extra concert Sept. 2.

Stagecoach Days will take place Sept. 10-12. The Stagecoach Days Queens will reign another year, since their opportunities were limited during the past year.

The parade will be held Saturday, Sept. 11.


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