Amber Boetger, Danielle Smith and Richard King rehearsing on the unfinished set for "Freudian Slip."

“The Girl in the Freudian Slip,” a lighthearted comedy by William F. Smith, is the next offering from Catch A Star Theatrical (CAST) Players, Beaumont's community theater.

Director Stephanie Parshall guides Richard King, Rossi Smith, Amber Boetger, Jared Sandoval, Samantha Shroll and Danielle Smith in this romp reminiscent of the Bob Newhart and Dick Van Dyke tv shows.

Psychiatrist Dewey Maugham is a staid New York psychiatrist who has a fashion artist for a wife, a perceptive seventeen-year-old for a daughter, a womanizing fellow psychiatrist and bachelor author for a friend, a wildly hung up man as his principle patient, and a former patient he treated for "sexual emancipation" as his weakness. Barbara, the aforementioned former patient, wrestled with her addiction on the doctor's couch for three years while he battled his yearnings for her.

Dewey sublimates his attraction by writing a sexed-up one-act play, or as he calls it, a psycho-drama, which his daughter accidently discovers.

She decides to help her father by trying to get it published, and gives the play to her father's best friend to give to his literary agent.

The agent is none other than former patient Barbara.

When Barbara arrives at Dewey's door, manuscript in hand, the laughs abound as misunderstandings accumulate.

The play opens on Saturday, Feb. 22 at the Women's Club Community Center, 306 E.6th Street in Beaumont.

Door opens at 6:30 p.m. and the curtain is at 7.

Additional performances are on Sunday, Feb. 23 door at 1:30 p.m., curtain at 2; Friday, Feb. 28, door at 6:30 p.m., curtain at 7; Saturday, Feb. 29, door at 1:30 p.m., curtain at 2 and Sunday, March 1, door at 1:30 p.m., curtain at 2.

Price is $18 per person.

Reservations are requested: call (951) 315-4253 or at


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