Fox Theater

A worker fixes the iconic neon lighting of the Fox Theater sign in 2014.

Over the last year-and-a-half, the Banning Library District and the Friends of Banning Library have come together to produce a series of mini-documentaries, “Exploring the Pass,” about important places and events in the San Gorgonio Pass region.

The first episode about the Fox Cineplex in Banning debuted on YouTube this month.

Banning Library historian Francisco Ramos compiled research and guest contributors for the documentary and worked with D’place Entertainment who manage and run the Fox Cineplex.

Together these partners in conjunction with Friends of Banning Library completed their 30-minute episode about cinema history and the role the Fox has played.

So far, the reception has been positive from the public, according to Ramos.

D’Place Entertainment, which manages the theater, invites the public to participate in its open house on Nov. 9 at 6 p.m.

The event is free, and at 6:45, will feature the YouTube episode of “Exploring the Pass” about the Fox Cineplex on the big screen.

We hope people will attend this event and learn about the important history of the theater.

The Fox for 93 years has been the premier movie palace of the San Gorgonio Pass area. Over the last century it has played an enormous role in many major cinematic events. It has hosted numerous celebrities that performed live at the Fox such as Natalie Wood, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, and many others.

The Fox is not only a significant building as a historic movie theater, but also has played a significant role for 20th Century Fox in their test screenings of upcoming movies.

Visit the Banning Library District YouTube Page for original historical programs from Oral History presentations to upcoming episodes of Exploring the Pass; to find the program on the Fox Theater, search for “ETP Episode One.”


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