Bringing smiles to people, simply

Photo for the Record Gazette submitted by Cindy Watson Christoper, son C.J. and Wife Lena, will be performing in Banning, May 5, at the Art Hop.

New to the Pass area Christopher Abeyta uses the tricks of the trade when it comes to picking locks throughout the area and while performing slight of hand pocket illusions for audiences.

Abeyta a locksmith by trade moved to Beaumont, from Glendale, Ariz., last October, along with his wife Lena Marie and eight year old son, Christopher Jessie, also known as C.J.

“What brought us here was need and the opportunity to open up a new locksmith shop,” said the locksmith of ten years.

The family-owned locksmith business they opened in Arizona, was left behind when Lena’s sister and her husband bought Beaumont Glass and Door and invited them to move west and join them at 660 Beaumont Ave., where they opened up A Higher Security Locksmith.

Abeyta said the people in this area are “friendlier and more personable people - we love it.”

There is something else that the Abeyta family has grown to love and that is illusions.

Taking on their stage names: d.o.C the Illusionist, joined by wife Ella Mae and son Punkie Pie, Abeyta entertains audiences with pocket illusions and trickery onstage at events and conventions.

While d.o.C the Illusionist performs, his wife also entertains, bringing smiles to all as she creates animals and other items from balloons.

Abeyta is quick to let one know that this is not magic, in fact d.o.C stands for disciple of Christ. “I am not into magic just simple slight of hand trickery,” he said.

Pocket illusions are things from the pocket to make you laugh and trick the eyes,”  he continued.

He also said he has a whole Christian based routine to perform at church events and when requested.

“Everything that I do I have learned from books, the library and other magicians,” he said.

With his wife at his side they are now joined by their son C.J., Punkie Pie.

“Every magician needs a lovely lady on stage,” he said about his wife, “and now that C.J. is eight he has the capabilities to perform,” he continued.

d.o.C the Illusionist will be performing for free at the Art Hop on Saturday, May 5 in downtown Banning

“Our main goal is to meet new people and make them smile,” said Abeyta.

He said their Art Hop performance for the Banning Cultural Alliance, is a 30 minute performance with audience participation and bigger stage illusions.

For more information on the Art Hop visit

To contact A Higher Security Locksmith or d.o.C the Illusionist call (951) 845-6364.


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