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Banning resident Cynthia Stockstill with Wayne Brady on “Let’s Make A Deal.”


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Cynthia Stockstill of Banning found an invitation to try out for “Let’s Make A Deal” while perusing Facebook.

Her husband of 36 years, Mark, joked with her, as they mused “What the heck: of the thousands” who probably try out for the show, what were her chances?

“Two days later, they called me” after she applied, Stockhill said, and — three interviews or auditions later — became one of 10 contestants.

Her episode in which she is tasked with attempting to strike a deal, or getting “Zonked” was filmed last October in Burbank.

This whole time she has not been not allowed to post anything on social media or tell her close friends the results.

The “itty bitty little town of Kress,” with a population of roughly 700 back in Texas, seems to have been quizzing her as to when the episode will air, Stockstill says.

Next Thursday on March 31 at 9 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on CBS, viewers are encouraged to tune in to see how the two-year Banning resident did, as she was given choices to select from unknown prizes (or risk “Zonks”) from the show’s hosts Wayne Brady and Jonathan Mangum, or guest country star Jimmy Allen, who apparently offered a performance or two for the 10 contestants during breaks in filming.

A “Zonk” is kind of a gag prize, anything as random as a barrel of pickles or a hunk of scrap metal that truly is a “compacted”car, to a basket of “antique fruit collection” of bitten into and decaying fruits.

Stockstill, 55, who grew up in Texas and still has a slight Texan twang, believes her accent gave her a slight edge as she boisterously auditioned in virtual interviews.

“It was great fun,” she says. “I probably had a very hoarse voice. I was probably one of the loudest ones there, because I’m Texan.

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