Banning art gallery returns in a more visible spot

Courtesy photo

Robert Ibarra holds up a painting he purchased from artist Don Roth in the Banning Art Gallery’s new location.

We’re back.

In February The Banning Art Gallery moved from our previous location to a

more visible spot between the Haven and the Fox Theater.

Many volunteers painted, installed wall coverings, washed windows and moved all the contents of the previous gallery into our beautiful new location.

A Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting and reception for our featured artists was scheduled for early March, but of course everything changed for all of us.

Due to the coronavirus, the gallery has been closed with the exception of outside tables during the Chamber’s Market Nights.

Discussions are underway for a partial reopening.

In the meantime, our first customer is our new location is Chamber of Commerce President Robert Ibarra shown with his new purchase, renowned artist Don Roth’s Mariachi Cats.

Please keep an eye out for for updated information regarding our reopening schedule.


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