Not too long after I moved to Sun Lakes, I had the pleasure of meeting Selina Smith.

I joined a group of gals playing tennis, and soon thereafter, we began getting together for lunch once a month. There were six of us. We celebrated our birthdays in grand style, incorporating our monthly luncheons into birthday parties.

Six years later, we continue to get together for these lunches. While most of us no longer play tennis together, we refuse to give up on our celebrations. Just this past May 20, four of the six of us gathered at Highland Springs Resort to mark the completion of 95 years in Selina’s life. She is an amazing woman and still going strong.

Among our original six ladies was Trudy Williams, who will be 99 in June. Trudy moved away a couple years ago to live with her daughter. However, on her birthday last year, we had a birthday party for her anyway, took pictures with the rest of us holding up a Happy Birthday banner, and sent it to her. We miss her.

Diane Cabrera, Stella Gonzalez, Sharon Mills, and I, along with Selina, make up our fivesome lunch bunch.

At our last get together in the clubhouse, Audrey Nathan was having lunch with a friend and came over to talk to us. We told her what we did for our birthdays. She commented what fun that must be.

At that moment, I thought to myself, I’m going to invite her to Selina’s birthday party, as Audrey was always looking for a good story and a milestone birthday makes for good news. Sadly, we were not able to have Audrey at our gathering, but we had a commemorative toast to her.

A few months back, Selina gave each of us a photo of herself from 1953. My mind immediately told me I had to do something with this picture. Since we make a big deal of each of our birthdays, I decided to incorporate this photo into party favors. Filled with pink and green wrapped chocolates that none of us wants to eat, the photo was the perfect topper for the party favor boxes. And since you can never have too much of anything, Sharon also brought cheery black and white polka dot gift boxes, filled with her super good homemade chocolate peanut clusters.

Gifts and cards were given to Selina, a delicious raspberry mousse, complete with birthday candle was delivered to our table. Yum.

Unfortunately, we were having such a grand time, we neglected to have the waitress take a group picture of us. I did, however, manage to snap a few of the guest of honor.

Selina’s actual birthday was on May 13. Her pastor and his wife took Selina out for a birthday banana split. How cool is that.


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