A preliminary hearing has been set for Monday, Feb. 26, 2018 for seven former city of Beaumont employees arrested in May 2016 on suspicion of embezzlement charges.

The seven employees include former city manager Alan Kapanicas, former police chief Frank Coe, former city attorney Joe Aklufi, former finance director William Aylward and Urban Logic principals Ernest Egger, David Dillon and Deepak Moorjani, who were consultants for the city of Beaumont.

Kapanicas, Egger and Moorjani were present at the hearing in Riverside Superior Court Judge Mac Fisher's courtroom Friday morning.

The Riverside County District Attorney's Office, along with the FBI, raided Beaumont City Hall, the offices of Urban Logic and several residences in April 2015.

The seven defendants were arrested in May 2016.

Fisher said this will be a complex case and he wants to know the witnesses for each party and the counts.

The preliminary hearing is set to last an estimated two weeks. If enough evidence is found, the case will go to trial.


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Libi Uremovic

the d.a. is never going to try this case because kapanicas' defense is that the d.a. aid and abet the criminal activity by refusing to investigate and convicting judy bingham of 'making a terrorist threat' to try to shut her up about beaumont's bond and construction scam ..

Libi Uremovic

'...If enough evidence is found, the case will go to trial....'

there's no evidence of any LEGAL transactions in beaumont - it's the most corrupt city in the u.s.a ...

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